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Autoimmune Diseases are not pleasant; they affect EVERY aspect of your life! Why not make your life a little less stressful with Rx AIP Meals delivered in Ohio? Rx AIP Meals is part of RxBioLabs – a Formulator, Manufacturer and Distributor of Nutraceuticals, Life Science products and now Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Prepared Meals!

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Our meals are NOT the latest alphabet fad nutrition plan, and they most certainly are NOT about losing weight! Rx AIP Meals are about providing you a path to become symptom free! Rx AIP Meal recipes come from Nutritional Scientists and are prepared by Professional Chefs trained in Autoimmune Protocol!


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When we receive your Rx AIP Meals, be assured they are made with the freshest, purest, cleanest ingredients we can use! Our meals are not “elimination diet meals”-  they are tasty and delicious, fully prepared, Heat-and-Eat meals that give you the ability to constantly expand your diet while decreasing the inflammation that exacerbates your symptoms!

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