The Rx AutoImmune Protocol Meal Plan = Fresh, Prepared, Gluten-Free Meals for Autoimmune Diseases delivered to your Front Door

At RxBioLabs, we set out to tackle Autoimmune Diseases and a well thought out Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Meal Plan is the first step in that process. While an AIP Meal Plan is not a cure (Autoimmune Diseases are not reversible) it can make you symptom-free, which means you can start regaining control of your life again!

Breakfast Meals

When we chose our breakfast menu, we wanted more than nutrition; we wanted it to be the First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Packed with flavors, aromas and colors worthy of the Sunrise itself! Breakfast with Rx AIP Meals means you start each day on your AI Plan – a great start to an even better day!

Lunch Meals

We all know what eating lunch in the office means – fast food. Our Lunches are not only tasty, healthy and farm fresh, but you can stick to your AI Plan! No more worrying about slipping off your Plan and paying the price later! At RxBioLabs, we give you the ability to Live your Life to the Fullest!

Dinner Meals

Sticking to your AI Plan is easy with Rx AIP Meals featuring Fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced locally daily! Our meals are always fresh to your table loaded with flavor, appetizing aromas, and with a full color palette! They are Healthy, edible works of art so you can Live Life!

As with most people, the concept of an elimination diet conjures thoughts of tasteless meals and endless hours researching what we can and cannot eat. This often causes additional stress, increasing your inflammation and exacerbating your symptoms. This is the impetus behind the creation of our Rx Autoimmune Protocol Meal Plan (Rx AIP Meals).

Rx AIP Meals are Delicious and Tasty fully prepared ready to Heat & Eat meals delivered DTYD (Direct to Your Door) designed for those with an Autoimmune Disease. No one makes it easier to stay on your AI Plan than RxBioLabs! You can order AIP Meal Bundles by the week or once every few days. Rx AIP Meal Bundles are the Original “Ready to Heat & Eat” 4 Star-worthy AI Meal Plans that are Delivered Direct to Your Door!

All Rx AIP Meals are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays to ensure freshness!

The Rx Autoimmune Protocol (Rx AIP Meals) Meal Plan is the creation of a member of our Senior Management team as someone who has been dealing with the effects of Autoimmune Diseases for the majority of her adult life. She realized the importance of diet and the benefits of reducing inflammation in helping her body recover but was couldn’t adhere to it with her busy schedule.

Together with Head Nutritional Chef Kadri Gedelec (who holds a BS in Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics and a Minor in exercise physiology along with Certifications as a Sports Nutritionist and Performance Enhancement Specialist), they have worked with doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and chefs, to create a plan that offers delicious meals and eliminates the guesswork. The Rx AIP Meal Plan is designed for you to become symptom free and establish a base line of what you can eat. Once this stage is achieved, you can modify our meals to reintroduce other foods into your diet and monitor your body’s reaction.

At RxBioLabs, our focus is on Autoimmune Diseases, our dedication is to making delicious meals and the ability for you to constantly expand your diet and that sets our Rx AIP Meal Plan apart from any other wellness company. We truly hope that you enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.