RxBioLabs starts production of CimexiShield a Topical Bed Bug repellent

Freehold NJ – RxBioLabs has started production of CimexiShield the only topical Bed Bug repellent for skin with 2 types of Bed Bug Relief – perfect for travel.

CimexiShield will be available as a FIFRA 25(b) product. RxBioLabs will offer CimexiShield to select qualifying retailers for both online and traditional brick & mortar sales, such as pharmacies, big box retailers and airport kiosks.

bed bug repellent, bed bug spray repellent, bed bug skin sprayWe caught up Ms. Jennifer Zeher CEO of RxBioLabs to talk about CimexiShield and asked her what makes this product different. “CimexiShield is in a category by itself, there is no other Bed Bug product that can be applied to the skin and provide this type of relief from Bed Bugs. You spray CimexiShield on your skin before you go to sleep and it keeps Bed Bugs away from you. It also contains ingredients that are known to help relieve the discomfort associated with existing bug bites. CimexiShield can stop additional Bed Bug Bites and with our other ingredients may help to sooth pre-existing bites – no other product can do that. Other products advertise that they are able to Kill Bed Bugs, which is great if you know you have them, but when you travel, you have no idea if the prior guest left Bed Bugs behind. If you did, you would never agree to stay in that room! There is no Magic Bullet, it still takes weeks to get rid of Bed Bugs with chemical treatments if you bring them home and you are still getting those nasty bites, CimexiShield will alleviate that.”

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We were told it’s not just the ingredients that make CimexiShield effective as a bed bug repellent, but similar to coffee and coco beans it’s where the ingredients are grown, the soil, rainfall and altitude that give CimexiShield its unique characteristics. We asked Ms Zeher what was the catalyst for developing CimexiShield? “12 years ago we were on vacation and at 3:30am we are awaken by another guest screaming about bed bugs. Ever since, I have had anxiety every time we travel and I decided to take on the task of making “Bed Bug Free Travel” and yes, it has been a long journey to get here.”

100% natural bed bug repellent. organic bed bug repellentCimexiShield is advertised as having preventative properties in addition to being a bed bug repellent so we asked the VP of R&D how can this product prevent Bed Bugs and he had this to say; “we know Bed Bugs feast on humans and by using CimexiShield at night it will prevent bed bugs from crawling on you and possibly being trapped in the night apparel that comes home with you. It can also be sprayed on your luggage, back pack or other personal items to keep them away. The most important thing to be aware of is that Bed Bugs are hitchers and can be picked up in any public place so the only defense is preventing them from crawling on you. CimexiShield keeps them off so in essence you are preventing stray Bed Bug hitchhikers from coming home with you”

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